POM (Polyoxymethylene Polyacetal)

Polyoxymethylene co-polymer (POM) is a high crystalline thermoplastic. Due to its good properties and easy processing conditions, in comparison to many other materials, this product offers excellent technical performance with a great cost advantage. 

  • High resistance against wear, long fatigue life, impact strength, and creep resistance

  • Excellent resistance against humidity, solvents, and strong bases

  • High strength and stiffness in a wide temperature range

  • Wear and impact strength, resistant against repeated impact stress and shock loading

  • Excellent dimensional stability

  • Excellent resistance against humidity, chemicals, and fuels (also with high methane content)

POM can be injection molded and extruded. It also can be used in two-component hard/soft processing with other thermoplastic elastomers.

Most POM grades fulfill FDA and EU regulations, also WRAS, KTW, and NSF.

Due to its versatility, POM products can be used for several applications like gears, springs, clips, seals in fuel system components, toys, washing machines, electrical tooth brushes and shavers, fasteners or faucets.  In addition, this material can be used for the production of rods and plates. 


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