Welcome to ClickPlastics AG

As the exclusive European distribution representative for large Asian plastic granulate manufacturers, we are able to offer you intelligent solutions.

We are the specialists for a wide-range of products, from commodities to high-performance polymers.

We make your vision our mission:
We do not copy and paste. We innovate. We design. We create. We define. 

Our team of experts has many years of experience in the plastics industry, enabling us to provide you a large range of valuable services.  We are here to support you throughout your entire project, from initial project planning and material selection up until the final delivery of the material and beyond.



The concept of GEPA is simple, but effective. Our three established companies - ClickPlastics (Germany), PolySource (United States), and Skyjoy (China & Hong Kong) - have partnered together to serve Europe, NAFTA, and Asia. 

All companies share core values, as well as a similar approach to the industry. With a focus on application development and plastics distribution, our alliance enables us to not only provide customers with worldwide technical support but also to ensure consistency and more transparency.  

Working together helps us to ensure excellent customer service and provide our customers support every step of the way with their projects - without any additional costs.