Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene

UHMWPE are PE types with molecular weights ranging between 1 million g/mol to 10 million g/mol. Standard types are used in the range of 3-5 million g/mol. As the molecular weight increases, wear resistance and impact resistance improve.

PE-UHMW shows the most balanced qualities of all polyethylenes and offers a very good impact resistance even at temperatures as low as negative 200°C.

Characteristic Features:

Best wear resistance of all technical plastics at room temperature, very low friction coefficients,

best sliding properties, very good tension crack resistance, noise reduction, UV resistance.


Protective devices, lining technology, general mechanical engineering, conveyor technology, medical technology, protective clothing, sports & leisure supplies.


Due to the high molecular weight, the material viscosity also increases, so that PE-UHMW can usually only be processed by either RAM extrusion or pressure sintering. As a result, semi-finished products can be further processed with very low-stress. We are currently working together with our partner, IRPC, to develop a UHMWPE granulate type suitable for injection molding.