Polystyrene is a highly used commodity plastic and is ranked fourth in global production volume after PE, PP, and PVC.

HIPS is a high-impact resistant polystyrene, which has been modified by rubber.

Characteristic features:

Hard amorphous polystyrene is crystal-clear, hard, brittle, and sensitive to impact.  It generates a rattling, glass-like sound when struck.  Polystyrene may be dyed to match any color choice.  In foamed form, it has a white opaque color and, in comparison to solid polystyrene, lower mechanical strength but higher flexibility.

HIPS is usually not transparent due to butadiene content, but it is more impact and cold resistant.


PS is used for packaging (e.g. foils, yoghurt cups, cases), disposable cutlery, switches, and coil bodies.

HIPS is mainly used in the consumer electronics sector for televisions, phones, and PC-housing units. Thermoforming is used to produce the inner linings of refrigerators with HIPS.