Polyketone (POK) is a semi-crystalline, high-performance thermoplastic polymer. The polar ketone groups create a strong attraction between polymer chains, resulting in a high melting point and outstanding technical properties. POK closes the technological gap between POM and PA66.

POK is formaldehyde-free and environmentally friendly due to the binding of CO molecules in the polymer.

Compared to all other semi-crystalline polymers, POK has by far the highest elasticity (elongation according to ISO 527-1: over 300 % regardless of humidity).

POK is available in various injection molding grades, as well as in extrusion grades (e.g. for semi-finished products with subsequent machining).

Characteristic features:

High elongation, outstanding tribological properties, good chemical resistance, good barrier properties.


Gears, pipes, pipe connectors, semi-finished products, parts that must have high friction resistance or excellent barrier properties.

We have the necessary approvals for many fields of applications (FDA, EU 10/2011, WRAS, NSF61, W270, EN71, etc.).