Polyethylene (HD-PE) is a competitively priced thermoplastic that is characterized by good UV resistance, physiological safety, and good chemical resistance. The material is easily recycled due to its simple molecular structure.

PE is classified in strength classes according to ISO 9080 (PE 80, PE 100) in plastic pipe construction. PE 100 materials are produced by a modified polymerization process (bimodal Hostalen Process), through which a modified molecular mass distribution is demonstrated. This achieves higher density and also improves mechanical properties, such as increased stiffness and hardness. All pipes that may be used for drinking water are tested and categorized according to ISO 4427 and EN 12201.  We also offer chlorine-resistant materials that prevent oxidative degradation, which lengthens the service life of the finished products.

Characteristic features:

Physiologically harmless (suitable for drinking water), weather & UV resistant, temperature resistant from -40°C to +50°C, good chemical resistance, very good abrasion resistance,  leak-free & flexible pipe connections due to good weldability.


Gas & water supply, sanitation, cooling & service lines, production lines, and industrial pipelines.