UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene)

UHMWPE are PE types with a molecular weight starting at 1 million g./mol. and going up to 10 million g./mol.  Standard types typically fall within a range of 3-5 million g./mol.  Higher molecular weight improves, in particular, the resistance to wear and tear, as well as the impact strength of the material.   

This material demonstrates a well-balanced property profile encompassing all PE materials and has excellent impact resistance, even at temperatures of up to negative 200°C.

  1. Better impact resistance than technical plastics at room temperature
  2. Very low coefficient of sliding friction
  3. Best sliding properties
  4. Excellent stress crack resistance
  5. Noise dampening/ noise reduction
  6. UV-resistant
Areas of Application:
  1. Protective equipment, lining technology
  2. General engineering sectors
  3. Conveyor technology
  4. Medical technology
  5. Sport and recreational applications

Due to the high molecular weight of the product, the material viscosity is also higher, which means that UHMWPE can usually only be processed through the RAM-extrusion process and compression moulding.   Semi-finished products for additional machining can be produced with low tension. We are currently working together with our partner, IRPC, to develop a UHMWPE granulate type suitable for injection molding.


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