Polyphenylene ether (PPE; also poly –oxy-2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenyl) or polyether (also known in the past as polyphenylene oxide, PPO) is a high-temperature resistant and thermoplastic material. 

Properties and Processing:
  • Resistant to high temperatures and thermoplastic
  • High-performance, amorphous thermoplastic (TG 215°C, PS Blend)
  • Commonly filled with glass-fibers
  • Flame-retardant and halogen-free grades are available
  • Injection molding and extrusion
  • Processing temperatures between 260°C and 300°C
  • During the finishing process, surfaces can be printed, hot-stamped, coated, or metallized
  • Material can be inserted by using heating elements, friction, or ultrasonic welding
  • Material can be glued with the used of adhesives and halogenated solvents

Blends with polystyrol or polyamide are mainly used but PPE-PE, PPE-PP, or PPE-EPS formulations are also in use. PPE-blends are often used for parts that need to have a high heat-resistance, good dimensional stability, and dimensional accuracy.  As a result, PPE is often used in the electronic, household, and automobile sectors.  Due to its low water absorption and hot water resistance, it is also used within the medical sector for sterilized plastic instruments, as well as in the sanitary sector.  

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