Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

ClickPlastics AG (CP) is a full-service provider with a product portfolio, ranging from commodities to high-performance plastics. As an exclusive representative of large Asian plastics manufacturers in Europe, CP offers intelligent solutions in the field of plastics. The annual turnover is about 30 million euros.

ClickPlastics is a socially responsible corporation. The following CSR Code of Conduct is a company commitment that ClickPlastics and its employees always aim to follow in all aspects of their working environment. This Code meets the Compliance Codes of BDI, as well as the CSR Requirements of many industries. The relevant principles of the UN, ILO, and OECD are also respected within this Code.

The management and all employees of ClickPlastics are committed to the promotion of fair and sustainable standards in both working and social conditions, including environmental commitment and a working dialogue. ClickPlastics is convinced that product, service, and process quality must go hand in hand; our CSR is the basis for the continuous improvement of our services.

Code of Conduct ClickPlastics AG
This Code of Conduct applies to the entire company and its employees. ClickPlastics also requires its suppliers to commit to and respect the principles set out in this Code.

Legal Compliance
ClickPlastics follows and respects all applicable laws and rights of the countries in which it operates. This is also required from all of ClickPlastics’ suppliers.

Transparency and Consumer Dialogue
ClickPlastics recognizes the consumer’s rights to important product and process information, which is needed in order to make an informed purchasing decision. Crucial information is, when possible, always made publicly available.

Fair Competition and Anti-Trust Laws
ClickPlastics respects fair trade and anti-trust laws. We do not participate in any form of market manipulation, such as price fixing, market sharing, etc.

Communication and Responsibility
Any company that signs the Code is responsible for informing all employees and suppliers about the requirements and commitments found within this Code of Conduct.

Corporate Social Responsibility
ClickPlastics aims to make positive contributions within its local community through active engagement and local support.

Integrity and Anti-Corruption
ClickPlastics conducts its business in accordance with ethical values and principles, including transparency and honesty; integrity and belief in human dignity; non-discrimination of race, gender, and religion. ClickPlastics rejects all forms of corruption and bribery (as stated in the UN Convention from 2005).

Forced Labor
Any type of forced labor is not permitted by ClickPlastics or its working partner companies.

Child Labor
Child labor is not tolerated under any circumstances. Unless local laws set a higher age limit, no individuals who are still of school age or younger than 15 years of age (subject to the exceptions of ILO Convention 138) are permitted to work for ClickPlastics. All employees under the age of 18 years should not practice hazardous activities.

Harassment of any form (physical, psychological, verbal, sexual, etc.) is not tolerated or permitted by ClickPlastics.

Working Hours
If there is no legally set weekly working time (national level) and no exceptional corporate circumstances, a standard working week cannot exceed more than 48 hours (60 hours, including overtime). All employees must be granted at least one day off within a seven day period.

Compensation and Benefits
The salary granted to full-time employees must be sufficient to satisfy the basic needs of employees. The amount of wages, overtime pay, and fringe benefits must fall within the terms established by the current laws.

Equal Employment Opportunity and Non-Discrimination
In all employment decisions, including recruitments and promotions; dismissals, layoffs, and disciplinary actions, training, payments and fringe benefits, ClickPlastics is committed to treat all employees fairly and strictly according to their skills and qualifications.

ClickPlastics prohibits all forms of discrimination on the basis of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, disability, etc. We promote a diverse and inclusive work environment.

Health and Work Safety
The employer provides safe and healthy working conditions that meet requirements of governmental regulations, in order to avoid accidents and injuries.

The following list is not exhaustive and is only to be used as a rough guide regarding our health and safety practices:

First Aid / Fire Protection
Protective Equipment for Employees
Order and Cleanliness / Hygiene Standards
Healthcare and Work Safety Organization
Machine Protection and Maintenance
Proper and Safe Standards Regarding Ventilation, Temperature, Humidity, and Noise Levels
Evacuation of Building

Freedom of Assembly and Collective Bargaining
ClickPlastics accepts and respects the legal right of employees to freedom of assembly and collective bargaining.

ClickPlastics always aims to use environment-friendly methods, as well as to continually improve upon these practices. The rules and standards regarding environmental protection are met. The company handles natural resources in a responsible way.