ClickPlastics AG expands product portfolio with biodegradable plastics

The German engineering plastics distributor ClickPlastics AG is representing the complete Bioplastics –  productline of their Chinese partner Hengli Group since January 2022.

The product portfolio consists of biodegradable PBAT-Resins (Polybutylenadipat-terephthalat), biodegradable PBS-Resins (Polybutylensuccinat) and PBAT-Biocompounds for mulch /packaging films.

PBAT has similiar properties like Polyethylene with low density. Films produced from PBAT show a high elasticity with high termal resistance up to 230 °C. The blow molding process alIows thicknesses up to 100 µm with good printing and welding properties. The special chemical structure allows a degradable process through microorganisms und enzymes. PBAT-compounds even contain  30 % of biobased materials. The product portfolio is in the final process of certification according the relevant standards  EN 13432, DIN CERTO and OK Compost/ TÜV Austria. Sample quantities are available short notice from the German warehouse.

ClickPlastics will introduce PLA-Resins (Poly Lactic Acid) from  their Asian partners during the K Show as well. PLA is based on lactic acid, a natural acid, and is mainly produced by fermentation of sugar or starch with the help of microorganisms. PLA is one of the very rare plastics, which is bio-based and as well biodegradable.

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