Acrylonitrile styrene acrylic ester (ASA) is an impact-resistant terpolymer. It has similar properties to ABS, but is more weather resistant.

If required, suitable additives for the respective application are incorporated into the plastic matrix. UV stabilizers, antioxidants, and lubricants are to be mentioned here.

Characteristic features:

ASA produces high-quality, glossy, scratch-resistant surfaces, we well as transparent surfaces if required.  Through the use of matting agents or larger acrylic phases, matt surfaces are also possible.

ASA has an excellent chemical resistance due to the high polarity of acrylic components, especially when compared to polybutadiene components found within ABS.  The material demonstrates high resistance towards aqueous mediums, including diluted acids & alkalis, detergents & oils/fats, alcohols, and aliphatic hydrocarbons.


ASA is often used for weather-resistant building components, as well as for electrical appliances that require a high temperature resistance.  This material demonstrates long-term durability when used for sport and recreational applications, as well as for exterior automobile parts.